IoT Devices (Device Example)


Gper is an independent device that collects location data through GPS to protect your family members and valuables.

Gper uses LoRa® network that is provided by SK Telecom.It is cheaper to use and consumes less battery.


To detect vibration, you can install IoT sensor on the ground or on the wall. It doesn’t response to any vibration. 

With elaborate algorithm developed by Ino-on, you can get proper information for your purpose of use. 



Possible to measure various motion and environment including 7 kinds of sensor such as acceleration, rotation, magnetic field, temperature, infared rays, brightness, atmospheric pressure sensor etc.

by MLB and Scratch support, possible to utilize variously


Illuminance sensor-based power-savingmode supports

Environmental awareness using sensing mode supports

Two kind of power supply supports(Battery&USB)

Water resistance